The Hotel Reschnerhof is situated at the Lake of Resia

Family, fine, personally, and many other reasons are there for a holiday in the Hotel Reschnerhof. Our motto: health, well-being and the reflection on true values, earthiness and Tyrolean tradition. Always associated with a certain flair for the extraordinary.


1500m above sea level. The borders of Austria, Switzerland and Italy are only 1,5 km away. This particular location of the Hotel offers you unforgettable holidays all year around. It is a perfect starting point for several excursions: either by foot, by bike, by car or during winter by ski. You can enjoy the tranquillity of nature and boost up your energy. Relax at the origins of the river Etsch that is located just behind the hotel or have a walk to the unique and famous tower in the Lake of Resia. Discover three different cultures and languages. true wellness, unadulterated, created by nature.

Enjoy Your holidays in South Tyrol at the lake of Resia. The tower or church in the water is the simbol of South Tyrol.